Membership in the SRE is available to any person who by technical training, experience, personal interest, or occupation is qualified to participate in and contribute to the advancement of the Reliability discipline.

To join the SRE Greater Houston Area Chapter, there are no minimum credentials required, simply a desire to share your knowledge or learn about the Reliability Body Of Knowledge (BOK). Dues are currently $10 annually. These are the lowest dues of any international professional society, and members typically receive benefits in excess of their annual dues during the course of a program year. Membership in SRE Greater Houston Area qualifies you for a $100 reduction in registration fees at both the annual RAMS and ARS symposia, which on its own is a return of more than 20 times your first years dues!

To join, you can send an email to contact us, join us at a scheduled function or use the membership form found below. This page is for the Greater Houston Area Chapter. You can also contact a chapter representative of the chapter nearest you or the SRE Board of Directors page.


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