The Society of Reliability Engineers (SRE) was founded in 1966 in Buffalo, New York, with the intention of providing a forum for individuals of various organization to discuss mutual issues in the then new discipline of Reliability. From this humble start SRE has since become an international society with more than twenty chapters worldwide. The SRE and its chapters are non-profit, equal opportunity organizations, providing member opportunities for professional development.

Reliability Engineering is a highly specialized discipline and as such SRE is a fairly small society. As a matter of fact if all the reliability engineers in the world joined our society we would still be smaller than most professional societies. Being small however does not make SRE less effective or important than the much larger societies. One of our primary objectives is to provide an interface with colleagues, something that is invaluable to our members given the fact that in many companies the Reliability Engineer is a "one man organization". As an SRE member you will quickly become acquainted on a first name basis with Reliability Engineers from all over the world.

The objectives of the Society of Reliability Engineers are: the advancement of engineering principles to improve system/product reliability, promote reliability analysis for increased performance and cost reduction over the entire life of systems/products, to promote personal and professional development of our members,to improve the credibility, marketability, influence and value of our members, and to serve as an educator in the field of reliability.

To realize these objectives, the SRE-Greater Houston will sponsor local meetings every month that include: technical presentations, tour of regional facilities, interactive problem discussion, and certification test preparation.

Topics to be covered include but not limited to: testing methods and practices, FMEA, DOE, preventive maintenance, reliability assessment product reviews, software reliability, mathematical modeling, military reliability standards, product sampling/testing, human factors in reliability, information systems for failure analysis, duane reliability growth modeling, and reliability in aerospace applications.

More information about the SRE organization can be found at www.sre.org.

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